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VMAC (Viking Maintenance & Contracting)  is a proudly Tasmanian owned and operated Labour Hire, Maintenance and Construction company. We specialize in construction, agriculture, manufacturing and all other blue collar industries.

VMAC Employment Solutions currently employs 500 Tasmanians on a full-time equivalent basis in various Tasmanian and mainland locations.

Our staff can provide suitably qualified workers for clients requiring one employee to up to 250 employees and for short or longer term placements.


We are passionate about our customers 

“The secret to our success is providing a personalised 24 hours a day, 7 days a week service at reasonable prices”.

Damian Waller

General Manager
Damian successfully owned and operated various businesses in hospitality and retail for 20+ years.  Previous to this he worked for a national retail company in various positions in Tasmania, NSW and Victoria.

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Vmac Employment Solutions

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